Learn How Storage, Technology and Safety are Made Easy With Virtual Demo

As we look to the return to the workplace in 2021, there will be an adjustment to the new normal. Part of that adjustment requires the ability to safely and securely store belongings while promoting a flexible and agile environment.

Smart lockers make a difference by keeping employees and customers safe with touch-less technology while also providing point-of-need storage through efficient design.

Want to learn how? We can do a customized live (virtual) demo for your Corporate Workplace teams based on your needs using our showroom to portray the different user experience options, locker configurations and the software behind the system – particularly as it relates to data-usage, contact tracing and other post-Covid necessities.

User Options

Flexibility is critical for storage - especially for the new normal. This includes how users interact with smart lockers. There are multiple ways a user can access a bank of lockers that fits with any level of security – from ID badges, key fobs, pin codes, mobile credentials, etc. What makes this technology special is how it integrates with your current system

Modes of Use

We will discuss day use lockers and the different options of assigned lockers vs unassigned lockers – as well as package delivery, IT lockers, etc. There are pros and cons to each mode of use, but it comes down to what is the best fit for each situation and preferred workflow of employees and the plan to return to office.


We are looking towards the return to work and adjusting to the new normal. We will discuss the different ways that smart lockers can promote a touch-less environment as we plan for this new-normal. This includes locker access without physically touching a dial, pin or keypad. It also includes the data analytics, contact tracing, backend locker control and other benefits that the software provides.